Viking Swords

Viking Swords evolved from Roman spatha. During the reign of Vikings the swords grew in their length reaching up to 37 inches. The Viking swords featured single handed handles and characteristic semi-circular or lobed pommels. The Viking swords had deeper fullers to reduce the sword’s weight and at the same time increase the strength and flexibility of the sword.

This allowed Vikings to be faster and to deliver harder blows to the enemy. Stronger, yet more flexible swords would bend rather than break while hitting hard objects. The Viking swords were popular and between the 8th and 11th Century and were used in various forms throughout Europe. During the Norman times the original Viking sword evolved. The blade of the sword increased to 40 inches and the pommel of the sword changed from lobed shape to a circular disk that was attached to the bottom of the hilt. The guard of the sword also grew larger from almost non-existing one to significantly larger one.

Viking Swords


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