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Lord of the Rings Swords

Lord of the Rings Swords


Lord of the Rings Swords, licensed replicas from the movies The Fellowship of the Ring, The Twin Towers, Return of the King, including swords such as Sting, Glamdring, Witchking, Narsil, Strider, Ringwraiths, Arwen, Fighting Knives of Legolas, Herugrim, Battle Axe of Gimli, Walking Axe of Gimli.  We sell these at the lowest prices anywhere, even check for yourself!

An ancient Ring thought lost for centuries has been found, and through a strange twist in fate has been given to a small Hobbit named Frodo. When Gandalf discovers the Ring is in fact the One Ring of the Dark Lord Sauron, Frodo must make an epic quest to the Cracks of Doom in order to destroy it! However he does not go alone. He is joined by Gandalf, Legolas the elf, Gimli the Dwarf, Aragorn, Boromir and his three Hobbit friends Merry, Pippin and Samwise. Through mountains, snow, darkness, forests, rivers and plains, facing evil and danger at every corner the Fellowship of the Ring must go. Their quest to destroy the One Ring is the only hope for the end of the Dark Lords reign!



Sword of Frodo

Retail Price: $223.99
Sale Price: $115
You Save $108.99 49%

Sword of King Elendil

Retail Price: $349.95
Sale Price: $175
You Save $174 (49%)

Sword of Gandalf

Retail Price: $349.95
Sale Price: $175
You Save $174 (49%)

Sword of Aragorn

Retail Price: $361.95
Sale Price: $239
You Save $123 (34%)

Fighting Knives of Legolas
Retail Price: $323.99
Sale Price: $169.99
You Save $154 (47%)

Sword of Arwen

Retail Price: $361.95
Sale Price: $239.95
You Save $122 (34%)

High Elven Warrior Sword

Retail Price: $436.95
Sale Price: $285
You Save $217 (58%)

Gandalf the White Staff
Retail Price: $237
Sale Price: $125
You Save $112 (47%)

Sting Scabbard
Retail Price: $61.49
Sale Price: $47
You Save $14.49 (24%)

Watching movies is as much a part of the way we live as baseball and hotdogs. Heroes are born, leaders are honored and Kings are loved or hated each and every year. The one factor that brings it all together are the blades and weapons they carry. We continue to update our replica film blades with all the latest and greatest so you can feel like you are legendary hero yourself. Grab a movie blade from our list and instantly get into the action.  If you are into these kind of blades, you might want to check out our fantasy section too, which offers many of the same kind of exotic looking weapons.


Lord of the Rings Movie Trailer:



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