Now you can gain speed, control and power over the bad guys. Control threats of violence, theft, and even rape by defending yourself with the most effective non-lethal system available called an "Air Taser". An Air Taser is a legal hand-held, battery operated, electronic shooting self-defense device that puts out a series of high voltage pulsing shocks. Upon firing, compressed nitrogen shoots out two needlepointed probes at an attacker 15 feet at a speed of 135 feet per second. These needlepointed probes are still connected to the Air Taser handle by high-voltage insulated Taser Wire. When the probes make contact with the target, 50,000 volt T-Wave impulses transmit along the Taser Wire and into the attacker. These Taser-Waves can penetrate through two cumulative inches of clothing, including leather.

Cutting Edge Tasers:


Retail $2,380.00

Sale $1,425.00

You save $955.00 (40.1%)


Retail $710.00

Sale $425.00

You save $285.00 (40.1%)


Retail $2,750.00

Sale $1,625.00

You save $1,125.00 (40.9%)