Z-Slayer Mini Stiletto Knife, Skull Green

Z-Slayer Mini Stiletto Knife, Skull Green

Z-slayer mini stiletto knife, skull green. We introduce this awesome Z-Slayer Style Knife. This uniquely designed knife is a stiletto Tiger-USA, with a Black handle and Skull Green blade. This knife is a smaller version of A-91 9" Godfather Stiletto. It is 7.25 inches long and has a 3.5 inch blade. These Trigger Action folders are Italian designed and resemble's the Godfather style stilettos from Italy. How amazing! With a Sharp blade for added flare, these hand made, beautiful knives are well-crafted and feature pearl, belt-clipped handles. These knives also feature 1045 Surgical Steel blades. How can you say no to this best seller? This knife is a masterpiece, be sure to get yours today. Its an offer you don't want to refuse!

  • 7.25 Inch overall, 3.5 inch blade
  • Z-Slayer Stiletto, Tiger-USA
  • Trigger Action - Blade Knife
  • 1045 Surgical Steel
  • Super Sharp, Clip Included

Z-Slayer Mini Stiletto Knife, Skull Green


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