First Aid FA130 Kit Hiker

First Aid FA130 Kit Hiker

First aid fa130 kit hiker. Red nylon fanny pack with adjustable waist band. Three compartments. Contents include: 1-EFA First Aid Instructions; 10-Triangular Bandage; 16-Bandage Strips, 1" x 3"; 6-Pain Relievers; 1-Elastic Bandage, 3"; 2-First Aid Cream Packages; 2-Sterile Sponges, 4" x 4"; 1-Hydrogen Peroxide, 8oz.; 5-Knuckle Bandages; 1-Instant Ice Pack; 1-Eye Pad; 2-Tape, Rolls, Adhesive, .5"; 6-Alcohol Wipes; 1-Pair of Scissors; 6-Iodine Wipes; 1-Pair of Tweezers; 6-Antiseptic BZK Wipes; 6-Safety Pins; 6-Clean Wipes; 1-Pair Latex Examination Gloves; 2-Triple Antibiotic Packages; 1-Hand Soap.

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First Aid FA130 Kit Hiker


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