Camouflage Ammoflage Pack

Camouflage Ammoflage Pack

Monkey fist: Used as a Public Safety tool, looks like a small bunched fist. Tied at the end of the string, inside the knot, is a metal ball making it easy to throw. These things can crack glass, metal, skulls or whatever you can throw it at. Don't let its innocent look fool you; these Public Safety Monkey Fists are always sold-out because people are arming themselves with the newest addition to the Public Safety family. The paracord is designed to be extended or shortened for your own desired length, so each Monkey Fist is customizable. And it also doubles as a survival rope in case you find yourself in need of strong and durable string. Get yours now before they're all gone. Throwing star: Panther Trading introduces this awesome Fighter Death Throwing Star. Get ready for sudden death. This throwing star is perfectly sharp and is always spot on with any target. This is a Fighter, with a Classic Green Camo design. It is very uniquely shaped, with curved blades. It has 4 blades, and is weighted for better results. It is also made up of 440 Stainless Steel, which is Excellent Quality. Get the most from your inventory and stock up on these beautifully crafted, and designed throwing stars that are sure to have your customers flocking back for more to unlock their inner ninja. Get yours today! Spring assisted knife: The Olive Drab Textured Army Camo Spring Assisted folding knife was built with form and function in mind. This beautifully hand painted knife has a 3.5 inch black drop point blade. The spring assist allows for lightning fast opening and closing. The handle is a stunning textured army camo. This is not just a knife, its a work of art! Automatic knife: A heavy Duty lightweight 2.1oz OTF automatic knife for everyday use. This Knife is 5.5 inches long with a 2.5 Inch stainless steel blade, and 3 inch brilliant handle. The slender handle is built on steel plates, and lightweight aluminum overlay. Hidden belt knife: One size fits all. Belt Open Length: 53 inches. Weight: 0.79 lbs. Blade length: 3.5" Double serrated. Gorgeous Desert Camo colored buckle. Throwing knives: Get your hands on these sleek Tiger Throwers made by Tiger USA. Thick cut, super sharp, and fast flying these knives will gouge holes and stick to any target. These knives are aerodynamic, have a commanding profile, and powerful look. Strike fear in the competition and edge them out each time you Tiger Throw one of these knives.

Camouflage Ammoflage Pack


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