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Lithium Power Magazine for C2 Tasers

C2 Taser Lithium Power Magazine, TS-39011

Replacement Battery for the C2 Tasers Only.  The Lithium Power Magazine or LPM is the energy system that runs the TaserC2. The TASER C2 is powered by this system for up to 50 30-second firings. First powered up (ARMED) the C2 will temporarily check the battery to see if it is low. When the "green" light comes on the battery is good if the "yellow" light shows the battery is "bad". A microcontroller senses the battery voltage that determines whether or not the battery is low or operating in the proper condition, which is -200 C. The LPM should not be stored where the gold contacts on the top of the unit will touch metal objects, causing it to short-circuit and malfunction. Loosing energy during these short-circuits will not register or can be tracked in the LPM.


Lithium Power Magazine for C2 Tasers
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