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Advanced Taser, with Laser Sight, M18L

The ADVANCED TASER M18/M18L uses a replaceable TASER cartridge containing compressed nitrogen to deploy two small probes that are attached to the ADVANCED TASER M18/M18L by insulated conductive wires with a maximum length of 15 feet (4.5 meters). The ADVANCED TASER M18/M18L transmits electrical pulses through the wires and into the body affecting the sensory and motor functions of the peripheral nervous system. The pulsed energy can penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing, or one inch per probe.

Advanced Features:

  • Optional laser sight available on the M18L

  • Powered by alkaline or rechargeable NiMH batteries

  • Proven Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI)

  • Optional Low Intensity Illuminator (LED)

Package Contents:

  • TASER M18L with Laser Sighting

  • Four M18 Cartridges

  • Carrying Case

  • Training Materials

*** Must be 18 years or older to purchase ***


Advanced Taser, with Laser Sight, M18L
Model #M18L
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