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Rebel Brass Knuckles, Small, Red,
Billet Aluminum, USA

Dark Rift Rebel Brass Knuckles, Red, USA, Small



Watch the video of Dark Rift brass knuckles being made!!!
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Warning - Registered Trademark and Patent Pending, we will sue counterfeiters.

Available in 4 other colors:  Blue | Green | Black | Chrome

Made in the USA!  Anodized billet aluminum Rebel brass knuckles, a Weapons Universe Exclusive, only available on our websites, made by our own brand name Dark Rift Armory.  Truly ergonomic and comfortable, super strong and light weight, and designed to perfectly fit the human hand.

These anodized red brass knuckles are a small size, excellent for girls, or even guys with small hands, the ring sizes for this particular knuckle can fit up to index 11, middle 10, ring 8, pinky 6.5.  Your finger sizes can be about the same, or smaller.  If your finger sizes are bigger, then get the Medium or Large size.  You are welcome to check out the Ring size chart to identify your ring sizes.

These knuckles are machined from aircraft structural grade billet aluminum 2024-T351 and hard anodized to military spec MIL-A-8625A TYPE lll CLASS 1. This alloy gives the product superior strength and flexibility.  The hard anodize finish provides .002" protective coat that is as hard as Tungsten Carbide... definitely not your typical knuckle made in China which are imported cast products which contain unknown alloys.  Sure, we sell lots of cheap China knuckles too, but we also manufacture our own exclusive high quality knuckles like these.  These brass knuckles, being CNC machined from structural airframe quality billet blocks, assures impossible failure when it counts most. This is an industrial professional grade material and has been chosen by military personal around the world.  They were engineered in CAD to perfectly fit the human hand structure.

These are highly desirable, high quality collectible pieces.  These are expensive to make, and considering our time factor and cost factor - we are selling these dirt cheap.  Mostly because we want to provide a special product you can't find anywhere else, and also hopefully we'll make it up in volume and word of mouth.  Very limited supply, so get one before they are permanently sold out!


Rebel Knuckles, Small, Red, USA
Model #DR02RD-S
Retail Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $32.95
You Save $37.00 (53% OFF)

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Get one for each Hand!
Rebel Knuckles, Small, Red, USA - PAIR

Model #DR02RD-S-PAIR
Retail Price: $139.90
Sale Price: $65.90
You Save $74.00 (53% OFF)

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Available in 5 colors:  Red | Blue | Green | Black | Chrome







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