Weapon Fanny Pack With Thumb Break, Medium, Black

Weapon Fanny Pack With Thumb Break, Medium, Black, BH-60WF05BK

From the leader in tactical police equipment and military gear comes the Blackhawk 5-5-10 Urban Carry Case/ Weapon Fanny Pack holster. Blackhawk holsters deliver performance. Open the case, draw the weapon and shoot 5 rounds in under 5 seconds at 10 yards. How many fanny pack holsters can do that? This Blackhawk holster is the fastest drawing weapon fanny pack on the market! They dubbed this holster the Urban Carry Case because this Blackhawk holsters design allows you to substitute batons, flashlights, or a similar item in place of your pistol. The Blackhawk 5-5-10 U.C.C. holster is fully ambidextrous. The main compartment is a super fast and efficient zippered breakaway pocket. The holster wraps around your pistol (or other gadget) providing safe trigger protection. The retention of this Blackhawk holster is fully adjustable. Made of Nytaneon material, Extra beefy #9 YKK zippers and pull tab zipper silencers Ablility to VELCRO® retro fit identification patches to the holsters exterior The options small (04), medium (05), and large (06) are adjustable for waist sizes up to 50", 52", and 54", respectively.


Weapon Fanny Pack With Thumb Break, Medium, Black
Model #BH-60WF05BK
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