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SERPA for Xiphos Sig226 -RT-w/Matte Finish, Sig 220/226

SERPA for Xiphos Sig226 -RT-w/Matte Finish, Sig 220/226, BH-414506BK-R

Rugged carbonfiber composite holster fits sidearms equipped with a Xiphos NT tactical light (not included). This makes it practical to efficiently carry a Xiphoslightequipped handgun, eliminating the need to carry a light separately and attach it in a separate step. A slight curve to the molded features makes wearing it against your side more comfortable and swivels on the belt loops permit adjustment of the sidearm presentation angle for optimal efficiency. The proven Level 2 Serpa lock secures your gun in the holster until you release it with your finger, preventing others from drawing it. The design permits drawing and reholstering with a full master grip on your sidearm's handle for added security. An adjustable tension screw lets you set the tightness of the holster's hold on your gun.Color: Black..


SERPA for Xiphos Sig226 -RT-w/Matte Finish, Sig 220/226
Model #BH-414506BK-R
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