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Omega Elite Vest Cross Draw/Pistol Mag, Black

Omega Elite Vest Cross Draw/Pistol Mag, Black, BH-30EV26BK

The Blackhawk Omega Elite Cross Draw/Pistol Mag Tactical Vest incorporates combat-proven configurations, updated for the 21st century and beyond! These BlackHawk Tactical Vest are the result of increased R&D efforts, and the much-valued inputimage of BlackHawk customers, with greatly enhanced efficiency and comfort. The emergencey cutaway shoulder strap ensures you'll never get snared by the BlackHawk Omega Elite Vest, and the built-in shoulder adjustment system lets you remove it easily for everyday use. Add a water system - the Blackhawk Omega Elite Crossdraw Vest includes a compatment for a Hydrastorm water reservoir (sold separately). This tactical vest can be customized to your missio, thanks to the front and back MOLLE webbing..


Omega Elite Vest Cross Draw/Pistol Mag, Black
Model #BH-30EV26BK
Retail Price: $180.00
Sale Price: $128
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