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Omega VI Elite Holster, Coyote Tan, Sig 226/228

Omega VI Elite Holster, Coyote Tan, Sig 226/228, BH-40QD02DE

The BlackHawk Omega VI Elite Holster Airborn Right Hand Draw - Sig-220,226,228 / Glock 17/19/22/23/27 is a "Drop Leg" holster which allows for a quick draw from any position. These BlackHawk Omega VI Elite Holsters Airborne Right Hand Draw - Sig 220,226,228/Glock 17/19/22/23/27 have an adjustable belt hanger made of three layers of heavy-duty scuba belt webbing with two fully adjustable and removable leg straps. This reduces motion when running, jumping, swimming, or crawling. The gun holster itself is made of heavy-duty quilted ballistic NyTaneon which will maintain the shape of the tactical holster when the gun is drawn. This provides quick, confident re-holstering of your weapon. These gun holsters by Black Hawk come with a thumb break security strap and extra mag pouch. The thumb break on these tactical holsters are adjustable and have a safety retention strap for a perfect fit. These features make the BlackHawk Omega VI Elite Holster Arbn Right Hand Draw - Sig-220,226,228/Glock 17/19/22/23/27 a reliable holster that keeps your weapon totally secure during air, water, or extreme ops.


Omega VI Elite Holster, Coyote Tan, Sig 226/228
Model #BH-40QD02DE
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