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BHLE Demo Gun GL17GY,Glock 17,Grey

BHLE Demo Gun GL17GY,Glock 17,Grey, BH-44DGGL17GY

For all of those in search of a replica weapon that is the exact size of the real pistol, BLACKHAWK! Law Enforcement brings you the BLACKHAWK! Demonstrator weapons. Now you can work with and demonstrate holsters and other pistol accessories with a weapon that is the same size as the real pistol, unlike the other replicas on the market. Injection molded of a super strength glass filled polymer, these replicas will give you years of service.


BHLE Demo Gun GL17GY,Glock 17,Grey
Model #BH-44DGGL17GY
Retail Price: $31.00
Sale Price: $26
You Save $5.00 (23% OFF)






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