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Trigger Assisted .44 Mag Pistol Knife (Black)

Trigger Assisted .44 Mag Pistol Knife (Black) GK-44-BK

The one time you should bring a knife to a gun fight. This 9 inch knife's handle is shaped like a .44 Mag revolver and has the words .44 Mag printed on the sharp drop point blade. The hammer of the pistol also acts as a safety mechanism for the knife. This knife's blade ejects with lightning-fast speed and features a holster-like sheath to keep your gun knife safe. The detail on the handle is so superb that when folded, this trigger knife resembles a gun so closely that even seasoned gun vets can be fooled by it.

Trigger Assisted .44 Mag Pistol Knife (Black)
Model #GK-44-BK
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