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Switchblade Stiletto Knife, Titanium, Black, 9 inches

Switchblade Stiletto Knife, Titanium, Black, 9 inches

Switchblade stiletto automatic knife, black handle and titanium color blade, with shark tail bottom, 9 inches.  Comes with free pouch.  Push the button and the automatic blade pops out from the side.  Pull a trigger to release the blade and fold back to it's original closed position.  Comes with a safety switch so it doesn't open up accidentally.  Stainless steel 4" blade, 5" closed, 9" overall.  Great for self defense.

The responsibility is on you.  If you order them, we'll ship them, we don't care where you live.  You are obligated to read and agree to our Disclaimer.  Please be responsible, realize this knife can cut and hurt someone.  No matter what weapon you put in your hand, use only for self-defense actions, do not use to perpetrate a crime, otherwise you will surely pay the price by the law.  We sell these for peace of mind, and because we believe in preparedness and the right for one to protect one's self, especially in today's day and age of crime on the streets.


Switchblade Stiletto, Titanium, Black, 9"
Model #GBS17
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