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Pepper Spray, Pen


Looks like a regular flair pen, but take the cap off and you can apply a nasty surprise to your would-be attacker.  Simply pull off the cap, aim at the face of the attacker, and push the button.  Perfect to carry in purse, briefcase, or pocket.  Great for concealment in office environments or anywhere.  The pepper spray pen makes a great gift that shows you care.  Sprays up to 6 feet for about 10+ shots.  Remember to test and, if necessary, replace your existing pepper spray pen. If its been knocked around in luggage etc.  It will lose its compression after about 2 years.


Pepper Spray - Pen
Model #P-490-B
Retail Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $7.95
You Save $12.00 (60% OFF)




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