DVD, Senban Shuriken Kihon

Includes booklet: To-Shin Do® Specialized Degree Program - Shuriken-jutsu - Throwing Blade Kihon Fundamentals.

Togakure Ryu Senban Shuriken Jutsu Kihon is a 50-minute DVD video home-training long-distance learning program full of exercises, insights, and instructions for passing the test for Kihon "Fundamentals" diploma licensing in the martial art of Japan's ninja shuriken thrown blade technique taught in Stephen K. Hayes' martial art of To-Shin Do®. This one-of-a-kind DVD covers techniques and tactics for developing the kind of skill for which the ninja invisible warriors of Japan became legends.

Senban Shurikenjutsu DVD includes:
  • Standing Horizontal Throws
  • Kneeling Horizontal Throws
  • Standing Vertical Throws
  • Hand-held Blade Combat
  • Mental Focus
  • How to take your test
  • Includes training Logbook
Martial arts pioneer Stephen K. Hayes became a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame for introducing the authentic Japanese ninja martial art in the 1970s. Book author and university professor, he served as security escort for the Dalai Lama of Tibet, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, in the 1990s.

By Stephen K. Hayes. 80 minutes.


DVD, Senban Shuriken Kihon
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