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MMA Arm Shield

MMA Arm Shield, 84949

Normal Thai pads absorb impact well, but have two main weaknesses. One, they are heavy. Two, when someone is holding the pad across the chest and stomach, the kicks can sometimes slide down and off the pads to injure the holder.

Our new MMA pad has been designed with a triple layering of foam. The front and back layers are made of high impact foam, and the center layer is made of a super high density foam that is extremely lightweight, yet able to absorb the strongest kicks. The curve on the bottom of the pad prevents the kicks from sliding down and injuring the holder and when the pad is held upside down, it makes for excellent uppercut practice. The oval target on center makes aiming easy and safe. The ProForce MMA Arm Shield is a must for all MMA practitioners. Measures 17" long by 9" wide. Thickness varies from 6-1/4" down to 4-1/4".

Part of The Wave of the Future family of products. Innovative new products from Master Nick Patakos. Available exclusively from AWMA.


MMA Arm Shield
Model #84949
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