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Tokyo Five "Fu" Fight Shorts - Black

Tokyo Five "Fu" Fight Shorts - Black, 530838

Tokyo Five is a denim and sportswear lifestyle brand inspired by classic American work wear and the samurai fighting spirit. The hanya logo is taken directly from a Japanese samurai mask dating back to feudal Japan. This represents the Bushido (The Way of the Warrior) philosophy: Bravery, Honor, Loyalty, Respect and Wisdom. They are part of the Japanese code of conduct, Tokyo 5.

Tokyo Five MMA fight shorts feature a simple and clean Japanese-inspired design screen printed & embroidered elastic pull string waistband and a 4-way crotch stretch panel, with no side slits. The shorts are made from a lightweight, fast drying micro fiber fabric, along with flexible Spandex lycra inner thigh panels for unrestrictive movement and maximum comfort.


Tokyo Five "Fu" Fight Shorts - Black
Model #530838
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