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Expandable Baton, Foam Handle, 31.5 inch

This new 31.5" Police edition baton with case is the longest baton in the market today. We are the first ones to get hold of some of these.

This economic 31.5" telescopic solid steel expandable baton has a solid rubber handle for easy gripping and comes with a FREE heavy-duty double stitched nylon holster for easy carrying.  Effective and non-lethal.  Quality and durability you can count on.  Available in four sizes, 16", 21", 26", and 31.5".  These retractable batons are great for police enforcement, security guards, and effective for personal self defense giving you that extra reach and advantage! 

Efficiently stop an attacker in a dangerous situation.  One major benefit of a telescopic baton is that it can be used to strike an assailant from a distance.  Most criminals understand how powerful these weapons are, and will usually back down when they see one.  Guaranteed lowest price anywhere, check for yourself!


Expandable Baton, Foam Handle, 31.5 inch
Model #AZ124-32
Retail Price: $54.95
Sale Price: $32.95
You Save $22.00 (40% OFF)


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