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F-ck Brass Knuckles, Large, Gold

Deluxe brass knuckles that spell out FUCK.  Show your friends who's the fucking boss!  These are Large size knuckles.  These are super heavy duty weighing in at an impressive 6.4 ounces. Fits up to ring size 15.  Width 4.5", Thickness .5", Height 2.6".  Made of steel.

We specialize in brass knuckles.  The real deal.  These are not fake or second-rate.  Small enough to fit in your pocket, strong enough to crush your opponent.  Great for self defense and martial art training.


Knuckles, Large, Gold
Model #PK-2438GF
Retail Price: $22.95
Sale Price: $9.35
You Save $13.60 (60% OFF)

Get one for each hand!  For Cheaper!
F-ck Knuckles, Large, Gold, PAIR
Model #PK-2438GF-PAIR
Retail Price: $45.90
Sale Price: $18.70
You Save $27.20 (59% OFF)








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