War Sword

With its fully forged 32-inch diamond cross section blade, this straight double edged sword has the speed and mass to cleave limbs and splinter shields like the swords of legend. Common through out the 14th and into the 15th century, swords of this type are depicted in the German fencing master Hans Talhoffer’s famous fencing manual. Though perfectly suited for being wielded with one hand the hard wood handle and scent stopper pommel offer enough room to double up on the grip for greater power when needed. Capable of great speed and power this sword would be more than adequate to see the skilled swordsman through any conflict. (Leather Scabbard Included).

Overall Length: 41"
Blade Length: 32"
Handle Length: 8.5"
Cross Guard: 7"
Blade Material: Hand hammer forged carbon steel
Handle Material: Macassar Ebony
Weight: 3 lbs. 10oz.

Sheath Included: Genuine leather wrapped sheath.


War Sword
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