Pizzaro Sword

Our sword derives its named from the Spanish adventurer Francisco Pizzaro who carried a sword of similar design. Transitional cut and thrust swords such as our Pizzaro could be called the precursor to the rapier. Designed primarily for thrusting to accommodate the evolving fighting techniques of the early 1500s, it still had enough mass to lend incase one needed to hack at something or someone. The early style compound guard still offered the traditional and stylish S-curved quillons of earlier era swords, but also had both a knuckle bow and pas d’ane or finger rings for protecting the forefinger when the sword is gripped with the finger extended over the guard at the ricasso. (Leather Scabbard Included)

Overall length: 40.5"
Blade length: 33.5"
Handle length 7"
Weight: 4 lbs with scabbard


Pizzaro Sword
Model #GKE-54-050
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