Agincourt Sword

Named in honor of King Henry Vís famous victory at Agincourt, this classic English styled single hand sword is more than worthy of the name. Its 27-inch diamond cross-section blade is perfectly balanced by the faceted plum pommel and steel guard. Ideally suited for sword and shield style combat, this meaty blade would be more than welcome in any of the great schools of fence found through out Medieval Europe. (Leather Scabbard Included)

When you want more than just a wall hanger, Valiant Armoury is the first choice of discriminating collectors and re-enactors. Hand forged from tough high-carbon steel by the finest craftsman, these swords are built for use. Every details is painstakingly worked out to make Valiant Armoury swords the most rugged swords in their class. With each historically accurate design, Valiant goes the extra mile, individually crafting these guards and pommels from solid steel, unlike other sword makers who cast their fittings using a brittle zinc alloy. Most of these swords include a two-tone genuine leather scabbard. Wear your Valiant Armoury sword with pride knowing that from the beautiful exotic hardwood handle to the expertly tempered blade, the sword on your hip is more than a wall hanger.

Overall length: 35.25"
Blade length: 27.25"
Handle length: 7.25"
Weight 5.5 lbs w/scabbard


Agincourt Sword
Model #GKE-54-085
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