Model 100 Handcuff, Standard, Blued

Model 100 Handcuff, Standard, Blued, SWC100B

Smith & Wesson's Model 100 Series has become a standard piece of equipment for many law enforcement agencies. The cuffs are made with heat treated internal lockworks, featuring smooth ratchets and double locks to ensure a quick and secure cuffing. S&W are renowned by law enforcement agencies worldwide for their professional strength, quality, and ease of use. •Two Handcuff Keys Included •Exceeds National Institute of Justice Tests •Double Locking Mechanism •Corrosion and Tamper Resistance


Material:Carbon Steel
Lock Style:Two Sided
Special Features:Comes With Two Keys


Model 100 Handcuff, Standard, Blued
Model #SWC100B
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Sale Price: $28
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