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Groove Sheath

Over years of military experience an active duty Navy SEAL, witnessed a recurring theme: open blades are useful and necessary but dangerous to equipment and personnel. His own personal experience with this problem occurred while training off the coast where his platoon was deploying inflatable boats and themselves out of a fixed wing aircraft. Being new and the first one to the boat after it landed in the water, he began cutting away the rigging that attached the parachute to the boat with his knife. He punctured the back of the boat and put his squad at a great disadvantage for the rest of the night.

That experience, coupled with countless stories of injuries to people and equipment, led him to invent the patent pending "GROOOOVE!". He spent months drafting and testing prototypes. This new innovation allows rope/line to be cut without unsheathing the knife.

The new Groove™ sheath is now shipping with the all SEAL Pups (M37) , SEAL Knife 2000s (S37) and the new SEAL Pup Elite (E37T). The Groove will also be incorporated in the handle of the new SOG Trident (TF-2) folding knife.




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