Celtic Spear
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From the exciting medieval weapons line - Rittersteel Authentics Celtic Spear is handcrafted with a blackened flared spear head. This medieval weapon will command respect against other spears. Wider flared blades were widely used by our Celtic ancestors for hunting as well as in battle. They were more effective in downing a charging wild boar as the blade created a wider, more lethal wound. It was equally as effective in battle, ripping holes in chainmail and armor. Each spearhead with side guard is secured with hand pounded rivets on a rectangular shaved blackened and seared wood handle. A fierce functional medieval weapon for the serious collector! About 6-1/2 ft. long. Spear is 13" L x 3+" W at widest point. Total width is 7-1/2 inches.


Celtic Spear
Model #2611
$224 - $45.00 (17% OFF)

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