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Night Owl Explorer Pro 5X Night Vision Binocular

Premium performance in an attractive body these binoculars share the same features and come in 3x and 5x magnification. The body design allows you to adjust the binoculars for your viewing comfort and personal fit. High performing intensifier tubes cradled inside Night Owl Optics unique steel stringer system giving precision and control. A powerful infrared illuminator provides clear and bright viewing in complete darkness. Both units feature low battery indicator and extended infrared operation at low battery voltage.

  • Generation 1

  • 5.0x magnification

  • Range of view: 723 feet

  • Focusing range: 10 ft. to ~

  • High quality all glass optics, objective and ocular lenses

  • 2 electronic intensifier tubes inside steel stringer system

  • Powerful built-in infrared illuminator provides clear and bright viewing

  • Rubberized finish protects against rugged use

  • Comfortable Handling

  • Low battery indicator

  • Uses 3v lithium batteries

  • Weighs 40 oz.


Night Vision Explorer Pro 5X Binocular
Model #NOB5X
Retail Price: $899.95
Sale Price: $549
You Save $350.95 (38%)




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