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Valiant Prince Sword
Retail $531.95  Sale Price - $453 - You Save $78.95 (15% OFF)

From the cold lands of the North of Europe, "THE VALIANT PRINCE" joint to the King Arthur Knights, standing out for his courage, as his name says.

Famous is the sword that he used in many battles, in which you can read: "INVINCIBLE IS THAT ONE WHO USE ME IN A GOOD CAUSE". His exploits have been collected in many legends, books, comics and films.

This is a high quality product made in Toledo Spain. Tempered Stainless Steel Blade, 36".


This is a Special Order item from Spain. Delivery takes approximately 4-6 weeks.
Do not order unless you are willing to wait!

Valiant Prince Sword
Model #M-580
Retail Price: $531.95
Sale Price: $453 - You Save $78.95 (15% OFF)






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