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Marto Rapier Sword, #804
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The term comes from a Spanish word "ropera" referring to a dress sword, an elegant weapon used as an essential complement to the most elegant, luxurious and costly garments of courtly knights, totally displacing the style of the Lower Middle Ages in which the classic sword was much heavier and sober in style.

The rapier is the forerunner of the foil used in modern fencing and its arrival revolutionized the style of fencing used previously as it rewarded intelligence, speed and artistry, not just brute force.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, these swords came into their own and spread from Spain to the rest of Europe and became part of the costume of any gentleman, thus becoming subject to the fluctuations of fashion, hence the design of its elaborately ornamental Baroque hilt.

This is a high quality product made in Toledo Spain.
Tempered Stainless Steel Blade, 44".


Marto Rapier Sword, #804
Model #M-804
Retail Price: $458.00
Sale Price: $389 - You Save $69 (15% OFF)

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