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Barbarians Sword
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History, legends and films (Conan), remind us the Slavic, German and frank origin tribes that, from the III century to the VIII devastated the lands of Europe, conquering even Rome. Called the "barbarians" due to their uncivilized customs, this term happened to reach diabolic connotations for their rude and savage nature. The sword, bronze finished and grooved blade, represents a winged two-headed dragon.

In a world where strength was the law, their swords were robust and powerful, symbol of authority and respect. This group of tribes and peoples ruled in a fragmented and lacked of a strong political organization Europe until the beginning of Charlemagne's empire.

This is a high quality product made in Toledo Spain.  Tempered Stainless Steel Blade, 46".


This is a Special Order item from Spain. Delivery takes approximately 4-6 weeks.
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Barbarians Sword
Model #M-540
Retail Price: $511.95
Sale Price: $435 - You Save $76.95 (15% OFF)






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