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Ulrich IX Jousting Armor, Wearable

This medieval armor came from Milan, Italy (XV century). The original is in the Churburg castle in Sluderno (Italy). This armor belonged to Ulrich IX, lord of Matsch. His body was so huge that he became the symbol of the invincible warrior and a hero in the Ariosto's and Boiardo's poems. The armour pauldrons are made of articulated lames and the trapezoidal tassets are connected by straps. The large basinet (helm) connected with the pouldron and provided with a very narrow eye slit. Jousting tournaments were the heart of medieval pageantry and the joust was a spectacle of a knights sport and skill. This handsome steel replica suit of armor is wearable. Stands about 6-1/2' tall with it's wooden base. Comes complete with it's own stand.


Ulrich IX Jousting Armor, Wearable
Model #6224
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