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Renaissance Armor Display
Retail $599.95  Sale Price - $522 - You Save $77.95 (13% OFF)

Renaissance Armor Display

Museum and Armories through the world display their treasured armour on stands creating an interesting focal point for their exhibits and now you can too! What an impression you will make when friends and colleagues visit your home or office as you display your own beautifully hand crafted armour styled and created as the originals! This beautiful set displayed on its wooden stand rivals museum originals!

The Cuirass
(Armour breastplate and backplate) was certainly the most versatile piece of armour throughout history! Its use spanned through many centuries providing protection to the vital chest and back areas while allowing freedom of movement to the arms and legs which was so crucial during combat. When paired with a  Burgonet helm, it afforded complete protection to the head, face and neck during battle. This wearable cuirass is sized for the average person of the 16th century. 

The Burgonet Helm with Falling Buffe (Visor) complements perfectly our Renaissance Cuirass.
Armor pieces such as these were most popular throughout England and Scotland during the 16th century.


Renaissance Armor Display
Model #KE-8201
(everything as displayed above)
Retail Price: $599.95 
Sale Price:  $522
- You Save $77.95 (13% OFF)


The Cuirass Armor Breastplate and Backplate
Model #KE-8206
(without helmet or stand)
Retail Price: $339.95
Sale Price: $298 - You Save $41.95 (12% OFF)


Burgonet Helm w/Buffe
Model #KE-8114
(without suit or stand)
Retail Price: $269.95
Sale Price: $226 - You Save $43.95 (16% OFF)



Sorry, display stand not available on individual piece purchases.