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Imperial Roman Centurion Guard Armor Display
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Imperial Roman Centurian Armor

Strength and Honor of Ancient Rome!
Rome ruled one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen, an empire of unified government, communication, and a strong army of superbly well-drilled fighters whose discipline and weapons proved superior to most others. A great chapter in mans history and its understanding of warfare in the classical world culminates from the battles fought by the great armies of Rome and the legions of troopers whose loyalty and support gave power to such Generals such as Julius Caesar.

The main armor of a soldier of this time consisted of a “Lorica Segmentata’’ cuirass whose segmented sections and hinged steel pieces riveted to leather straps afforded maneuverability with the added protection of plate steel. The front was laced to fit. The protection of the head was also vital, and this was accomplished by the wearing of a helm. This armor display features the Imperial Roman Helm with a magnificent red plume, worn by Generals and those in command, provided the needed protection to the head while still allowing for an unobstructed line of sight important in battle. Display strength and honor in your home or business with this museum quality beautifully hand-crafted 18 gauge Roman armor with brass detailing. 


Imperial Roman Centurion Armor Display
Model #KE-8203
(everything as displayed above)
As shown complete on its wooden stand with helmet and Lorica Segmentata", it rivals museum originals!
Retail Price: $699.95
Sale Price: $620 - You Save $79.95 (11% OFF)


Roman Armor Breastplate and Backplate
Model #KE-8207
(without helmet or stand)
“Lorica Segmentata’’ (Roman armor breastplate and backplate). This Lorica Segmentata wearable armor is sized for the average person of ancient Rome.
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Sale Price: $234 - You Save $45.95 (16% OFF)


Imperial Roman Centurion Guard Helmet
Model #KE-8112 - for closeup

(without suit or stand)
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Sorry, display stand not available on individual piece purchases.