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Friedrich des Siegeichen Suit of Armor, Wearable

This very fine fully articulated and wearable reproduction of the 15th century armor belonging to German Noble, Fredrich I, Count Palatine of the Rhine is a sight to behold! You may visit the "Waffensammlungen" (Arms Museum) in Vienna, Austria to view the original, or own your very own magnificent suit of historically style quality armor emulating the style and workmanship of the renown medieval Milanese Missaglia armory of Italy wherein the original was made. This very impressive, quality steel suit of armor comes complete with stand towering almost 7 feet high on a heavy wood museum base. "A Magnificent Wearable Masterpiece" This handsome wearable steel replica suit of armor is wearable.


Friedrich des Siegeichen Suit of Armor, Wearable
Model #6220
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