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17th Century War Suit of Armor, Wearable

The “Armour of War” is defined as the type of armour for combat that afforded protection to the vital areas of the body, yet was light weight and comfortable enough as not to tire a knight, nor constrict his freedom of movement in battle. This incredible articulated wearable suit of reproduction War Armour of Milanese design is made in Italy, the renown hub for armour manufacturing during the middle ages. The steel has been treated to create an antiqued "rust" finish that not only has a look of authenticity but is historical. Armour used in battle was often darkened so that it would not “shine” in light, as to keep a knight from becoming a glistening target for the enemy. It also afforded protection for the metal in wet battlefield conditions. This armour is is a true site to behold, as it stands about 6-1/2 foot in height on its hardwood base. A glorious armour for all historians and “warriors” at heart!


17th Century War Suit of Armor, Wearable
Model #6221
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