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Umethar: Talisman of the Anath
Retail $87.00  Sale Price - $55 - You Save $32.00 (37% OFF)

The 2nd Annual Kit Rae Fantasy Knife, is the Umethar, Talisman of the Anath, created to restore order to chaos.  It is forged with the shape of many blades within blades, for it holds powers within powers.  The hilt is carved from bone of the Ancient One, first slain by mortal man, and the pommel was fashioned in the image of the Anath, fathers to the Ancients, and held within it is the power of creation and destruction.  This edged fantasy creation features finely detailed sold metal parts simulated bone grip, mirror polished blade, and comes with a collector art print painted by the designer.  This adult collectible is branded with the designer's trademark and includes a parchment certificate telling of the history of the Umethar.


Overall length: 17-3/8"
Blade Length: 10-1/4"
Blade Thickness: 1/8"
Blade Material: 420 J2 stainless steel, double edged, miror polished finish
Handle material: Cast metal guard and pommel, antique silver plated finish, simulated bone handgrip, rat-tail tang consturction.
19-7/8" x 6" x 3/4" wood, burned-edge finish, includes mounting hardware, instructions.


Umethar, Talisman of the Anath
2nd Annual Kit Rae Fantasy Knife
Model #KR-0010

(includes wood plaque pictured right)

Retail Price: $87.00
Sale Price: $55 - You Save $32.00 (37% OFF)

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