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Adrasil was a four-bladed weapon wielded by Atteniel, a female fighting master of the Mithrodin who protected the Swords of the Ancients from falling into evil hands in ancient days. The great beast Folkor, servant of the Dark One, was slain in battle with Adrasil and in later days it became known as Folkor's Bane. It's blades were forged using the steel of an ancient Elvish spear. Engraved on them are the names of its creator, the Baelin slayer Anvari, and the man whom the weapon was made in honor of, the slain Ettiel, brother to Atteniel.


Model #KR-0019ASNB
Retail Price: $74.50
Sale Price: $49 - You Save $25.50 (34% OFF)

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