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Gatco Ultimate Diamond

Gatco Ultimate Diamond 10006

Gatco Ultimate Diamond Knife Sharpening System. The system contains a GATCO exclusive knife clamp/angle guide with six sharpening angles to assure factory-exact edge including serrated edges, extra screws for clamp, coarse, medium and fine diamond sharpening hones for the fastest and most polished reshaping of all blades, special serration sharpening hone, features the GATCO® Ultimate 96% alumina ceramic finishing hone for a surgical finish to the blade edges, 2 oz. scientifically formulated honing oil and custom composition case with instructions permanently affixed to the inside of the lid. Sharpens all standard edge and serrated blades! Hang packaged.
Weight: 2.1lbs
Country of Origin: USA


Gatco Ultimate Diamond
Model #10006
Retail Price: $120.00
Sale Price: $70
You Save:$50.00 (42% OFF)


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