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Fisher Space Pen M4 Lime Green

Fisher Space Pen M4 Lime Green 2013

Fisher Space Pen M4 Lime Green M4 Cap-O-Matic Series Civilian. 5 1/8" closed. This unique design engages the point with entire pen top. The standard top button has been removed to create a sleek, easy-to-use writing instrument. Lime green aluminum construction with chrome clip and tip. Loaded with medium point black ink cartridge. Uses Fisher pressurized refill FP1211 (blue ink) or FP1241 (black ink). Writes reliably under extreme conditions: over fingerprints, over grease, extreme cold (-50°C), extreme heat (+200°C), over wet paper, in a vacuum, and at any angle, even upside down.
Weight: 0.1lbs
Country of Origin: USA


Fisher Space Pen M4 Lime Green
Model #2013
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Sale Price: $13
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