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First Aid Tactical Trauma Kit

First Aid Tactical Trauma Kit 138ACU

First Aid Tactical Trauma Kit. Measures approximately 18" x 10" x 11". Color: ACU (Army Combat Uniform). Heavy duty canvas with padded shoulder straps, MOLLE compatible with quick release buckles. Lots of interior compartments. Bulk packed.
Contents Include: 1-blood pressure cuff kit; 1-cervical collar; 1-stethoscope; 1-pen light; 2-sutures; 1-first aid book; 8-pair exam gloves; 10-abdominal pad 5" x 9"; 20-pain reliever; 6-safety pins; 2-casualty blanket 84" x 52", Silver/OD; 1-hand sanitizer, 2oz.; 1-calamine lotion, 6oz.; 1-hand soap; 6-after bite wipes; 1-sam splint/universal splint; 1-6" elastic bandage; 10-4" x 4" sterile sponges; 2-1" tape; 2-blood stopper kit; 5-eye pad; 2-triangular bandage, 40" x 40" x 56"; 16-1" x 3" bandage strip; 5-butterfly strip; 5-2" x 4" bandage strip; 10-knuckle bandage; 2-ice pack; 1-EMT shears; 2-SS hemostats; 1-tweezers; 1-scalpel handle #3; 2-scalpel blades; 5-tongue depressor; 1-CPR mask; 45-antiseptic wipes; 5-ammonia inhalants; 2-airways; 3-multi-trauma dressing 12" x 30"; 1-eye wash, 4oz.; 10-triple antibiotic; 5-burn aid package; 1-tourniquet.
Weight: 9.6lbs
Country of Origin: USA


First Aid Tactical Trauma Kit
Model #138ACU
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