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Firepower Mossberg Tactical Ki

Firepower Mossberg Tactical Ki R27783

Firepower Mossberg Tactical Kit. Includes spring powered Mossberg 500 pistol grip tactical pump shotgun, and .45 pistol. Shotgun features integral rail for easy accessory additions, high capacity 180 round magazine, BAXS system for accuracy and large easy pump grip for fast loading. Pistol features easy slide for fast loading, high capacity 70 round magazine and BAXS system. Shotgun shoots at 355FPS, and pistol shoots at 162FPS. Packaged with 2500 bonus BBs.
Weight: 3.25lbs
Country of Origin: China


Firepower Mossberg Tactical Ki
Model #R27783
Retail Price: $54.00
Sale Price: $34
You Save:$20.00 (37% OFF)


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