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Ultima II, Zytel Handle, Black ComboEdge, Zytel/Nylon Sheath

Ultima II, Zytel Handle, Black ComboEdge, Zytel/Nylon Sheath CR2125KV

Today’s tactical fixed blade knives still resemble the first Bronze Age daggers of 4000 years ago, especially in their handle design. Michael Martinez, sculptor, inventor, and martial artist, didn’t start out to redesign the fixed blade, but he explains, "In my edged weapons training, I kept noticing how many knives didn’t feel right, didn’t have a grip that gave both control and comfort in the four fundamental tactical grips." Michael’s design firm, Group Design, Inc., reached out to a team of medical specialists for the answer. Their Ultima™ achieves 22 out of 23 ideal contact points with its unique patent-pending handle.

The injection-molded black Zytel® scales feature over 70 triangular grip segments, separated by sipes, or “ooze grooves" which channel away water, mud and oil. Horizontal grooves are placed under the fingertips for optimum feel.

Because tactical knives are inevitably used as pry bars, Michael’s team created a butt pry tip as an extension of the blade tang, with a rounded tip.

The Ultima is available with a 6.75" or 4.95" full-tang blade of 1.4116 stainless steel with a light bead-blast finish. It is available with Razor-Sharp or Combination Razor-Sharp and Veff™ Serrated edges. The 2125KV features a black titanium nitride blade coating.

Serrated models feature our exclusive patented* Veff™ Serrated edges. Developed by Oregon City, Oregon, knife designer Tom Veff, these serrations are wide and angled at 60 degrees to the edge. The resulting cutting points bite instantly and dig deep upon contact, slicing smoothly and effortlessly. They give dramatically improved cutting ability on rope, webbing, strapping, hoses and leather.

An injection-molded black polypropylene Ultima Trainer is also available.

Tactical Sheath. The Ultima’s custom black Cordura®/Zytel® sheath has an injection-molded liner. Dual belt loops are Velcro® adjustable. For maximum versatility, there are ample grommets with a length of 550 paracord included, an adjustable leg strap, plus a slotted sheath back that can mount on MOLLE gear. Removable security handle straps with snaps give access and security. A utility pocket with a Fastex™ buckle will carry a variety of folding knives, multipurpose tools or sharpeners.

After 4,000 years of scientific progress, the only thing the Ultima shares with its bronze ancestors is its role in the mission.


2125KV: Smaller size, Black blade, Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serration Cutting Edge
Length: 4.95" (12.5 cm)
Thickness: 0.18" (0.45 cm)
Steel: 1.4116, 55-57 HRC
Overall length: 10.039" (24.5 cm)
Weight: 8.4 oz. (238 g)
Sheath (included with knife)
Material: Cordura/Zytel
Overall length: 13.0” (33.0 cm)
Width: 2.875” (7.3 cm)
Weight: 5.7 oz. (162 g)

About the Knife Designer
Michael Martinez and his father Baltazar E. Martinez have invented a number of products including the patent-pending Ultima fixed blade. Michael is a noted sculptor in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A former student of R.C. Gorman, he specializes in large-scale bronze casting. Michael’s work is in private and corporate collections internationally. He is President of Group Design, Inc., and Outside the Box, Inc., wide-ranging design firms, and 360 Degrees LLC, a tactical edged weapon training organization. As a former professional runner, he still runs 16 miles a day, and has missed workouts only 16 days in the last 35 years. He is also a student of the martial arts and is an active club boxer. His father Baltazar was a mechanical engineer working on classified nuclear system design for the defense department for more than 30 years. A registered engineer, he taught mathematics for engineering design at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of New Mexico.


Ultima II, Zytel Handle, Black ComboEdge, Zytel/Nylon Sheath
Model #CR2125KV
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