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Brunton Solaris 12 Foldable

Brunton Solaris 12 Foldable 563

Brunton Solaris 12 Foldable Solar Panel. Measures 29" x 17 1/2". Max output: 12 watts (15.4 volts/800mA). Flexible high performance CIGS solar cells. Converts sunlight directly into 12v electricity. Trickle charge and maintain vehicle batteries by using the 12v vehicle power outlet. Works in all types of weather, even in low light conditions. Built-in charge regulator. Reverse flow protection. Lightweight and portable. Easily folds up to fit into glove box, pocket or backpack. Weighs 11 oz. Ideal for recharging electronics, video and digital cameras, cell phones, maintaining vehicle batteries, camping, hiking and outdoor activities. Up to three units may be linked together for even more output..


Brunton Solaris 12 Foldable
Model #563
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Sale Price: $294
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