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Adventure Medical Trauma Pak

Adventure Medical Trauma Pak 292

Adventure Medical Trauma Pak with Quick Clot®. Kit contains: QuickClot® 25g; Trauma Pad, 5" x 9"; Gloves - one pair; one handwipe; 2" x 26" duct tape; triangular bandage; Sterile gauze dressing 4" x 4", pkg./2; Sterile gauze dressing 2"x 2", pkg./2; Conforming gauze bandage 3"; Antiseptic wipe for cuts and scrapes; Re-sealable bag for Bio-Waste and Sucking chest wounds. Life Savings instruction, including the ABC's of First Aid, Sucking chest wound, shoulder and upper arm fracture, head injuries and more. Small enough for everyday carry. Fits BDU pocket for quick access. Waterproof.
Weight: 0.3lbs
Country of Origin: USA


Adventure Medical Trauma Pak
Model #292
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