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Adventure Medical SOL ORMD

Adventure Medical SOL ORMD 0020

.Adventure Medical SOL ORMD (Survive Outdoors Longer) Value Pak. Includes Heatsheets blanket that reflects 90% of your body heat - blanket is waterproof, windproof and easily repairable; 26" duct tape; durable poly-carbonate rescue flash mirror - visible over ten miles; Slim Rescue Howler® - ultralight and ultrathin whistle which can be heard over one mile away; 2mm survival compass - liquid damped, fast acting, very accurate; four pieces of Tinder-Quik waterproof, windproof tinder, each burns 2-3 minutes; waterproof and windproof survival matches; Survival Fishing and Sewing Kit including line, hooks, needle, swivels and safety pins; and S.O.L. stainless steel water bottle with silicone gasket cap. Outside of bottle is printed with useful survival information.
ORMD merchandise cannot be shipped by air or internationally.
Weight: 0.75lbs
Country of Origin: China


Adventure Medical SOL ORMD
Model #0020
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