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26 in. Black Expandable Baton

Black Chrome is the state of the art black finish for steel surfaces. It is a true black plating, not a paint. As a result, it is extremely hard and will not scratch. Black Chrome will not rust as do other surface treatments. It is exceptionally durable and does not flake or peel. Black Chrome offers deep, rich, black corrosion protection.


  • Dark black

  • Will not rust

  • Extremely hard

  • Will not scratch

  • Durable

  • Smooth

  • Deep, rich appearance

When comparing ASP Black Chrome to other finishes, be certain that the competitor is quoting true Black Chrome. Black Chrome plating is a highly specialized and extremely expensive process. However, it provides the most durable and corrosion resistant black finish available for high carbon steel parts. Heat treated 4140 high carbon steel for strength. Zinc Dichromate coated handles and hardcoat anodized black chrome finish provide superior corrosion resistance. Patented foam vinyl grip provides increased retention.


26 in. Black Expandable Baton
Model #ASP52611
Retail Price: $115.95
Sale Price: $92.95
You Save $23.00 (20% OFF)


Unaffected tip of ASP Baton sample after 27-hour salt fog exposure.


Corroded end tube and tip on competitive sample after 27-hour salt fog exposure.




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