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ASP 16 in. Chrome Expandable Baton

4140 seamless steel tubing is not commercially available in the United States. As a result, ASP must have a special chemistry or “heat” of steel poured in Germany and then pierced into rounds. This raw stock is then drawn by an American company into tubing that is fabricated to ASP specifications. As a result, ASP is the sole source of 4140 steel tubing for expandable batons. ASP 4140 is 25% stronger than more commonly available 4130 tubing.


  • 25% greater yield strength (bend strength)

  • 25% greater tensile strength (break strength)

  • Higher carbon content allows more precise heat treating

  • Tubing stays straighter during processing

Monadnock employs 4130 tubing. ASP 4140 Batons are 25% stronger. They do not bend or pull apart. Tests by major federal law enforcement agencies found ASP Tactical Batons to be “virtually indestructible.” Constructed of heat treated 4140 high carbon steel for strength. Zinc Dichromate coated handles and hardcoat high luster chrome finish provide superior corrosion resistance. Patented foam vinyl grip provides increased retention.


16 in. Chrome Expandable Baton
Model #ASP52210
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