Master Cutlery ZY-SW01B Fantasy Satan Sword

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Heaven have mercy on who the devil turns his eye on; be he favored or foe, the devil's gaze is surely never of benefit to those it falls upon. A gift from the dark one himself, the Devil Sword should be considered carefully, because the darkest gifts have the habit of working out for the worst, no matter the circumstances. Help or harm, this sword is a wicked thing to witness; the hilt is almost entirely cast-metal, with an antiquated silver look that serves to tarnish the blade's already dark image. A non-existent pommel consists of simply a knot with points protruding from it, which transitions smoothly into the grip, set with an inscribed spiral to add a touch of design to what could have been an otherwise plain hilt. The guard is triangular in form; the crossbars have the look of two wickedly clawed digits, while the center of the guard is a vicious, screaming devil's visage. Surrounding the devil's face is a membranous wing-like structure, which comes to a point as it gives way to the blade. The blade is darkly simple: straight-edged and with only a minor alternations towards the guard, as well as a deep fuller that runs almost the entire length of the blade. But however powerful the blade may seem, always be wary of the darkest of gifts; useful in a pinch, the Devil Sword may just turn on its wielder at the most opportune moment.

- "Satan Sword."
- 44.5" Overall.
- Stainless steel blade with blood groove.
- Antique silver style look.
- Includes display plaque.

Master Cutlery ZY-SW01B Fantasy Satan Sword

Model #ZY-SW01B
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